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Goal: $50,000
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How It Began

I am a professional Japanese translator and Japanese Car enthusiast. After building a 20B powered FC3S model Mazda RX-7 in 2012, I set my sights on the Eunos Cosmo. I learned Japanese, then I tackled both the Wiring Diagram book and the massive 888 page Workshop Manual, formatting it for regular 8.5x11" paper.

While doing so, I began seeing all of the flaws in books digitized with traditional scanners. Add in Japanese Kanji, plus bad photoshop "fixes" and it becomes a nightmare quickly. Since fixing these issues can add months to a project, I chose to eliminate all of them by designing my own imaging equipment. And that leads us here.

The Problem and The Solution

During its 1991-2002 production run in Japan, the FD3S model Mazda RX-7 has 6 different Wiring Diagram books, 16 Maintenance Manuals and 6 Parts Catalogs. If one owns a Spirit R model made in 2002, all 28 are required because the later editions are supplements that add onto the initial releases from November 1991.

An upgraded and enhanced Wiring Diagram book that covers all of them will be produced. This will be the first time any documentation has been produced in English for the Spirit R. It will be roughly 450 pages and text searchable by any term in both English and Japanese, including wire colors.

The Goal

The goal is to create a library of English-language resources for vehicles imported from other countries. This begins by preserving knowledge with proper imaging of discontinued/out-of-print materials in accordance with Fair Use Copyright Law. Over time, these materials have become increasingly rare and difficult to locate in complete, usable, legible condition. The older/less common the vehicle, the more difficult it is to find, with 1970s resources being the most challenging.


$100: Translated Build Sheet for any 1983-2009 Mazda. Any region.
$200: Laminated 11x17 Vacuum Diagram Posters for 92-95 and 96-02 RX-7.  (Limited to 50)
$500: Personalized Laser Etched Cover.  (Limited to 20)